ORION CONCEPT Presentation

Created in 2005, ORION CONCEPT boasts 25 years of expertise in the field of Cosmetology and Dermatology.
Expert in image analysis serving the validation of skin care products, her approach is based on support, training and monitoring for your projects. Its continuous activity in methods R&D gives it an avant-garde vision of advanced techniques and methods for the study of the skin, the implementation of your clinical studies and the validation of the activity of your products.
"Technology and analysis only make sense for one purpose: the objective evaluation of the effect and its visual demonstration"

Because your clinical trials cannot be a failure ...

ORION CONCEPT offers its expertise for your clinical studies in dermatology and dermo-cosmetics.
- For your clinical trials to be successful, the choice of methods and techniques, the addition of new instrumental or methodological approaches, training, data collection, monitoring are all points for which ORION CONCEPT can support you.
- Secure your studies and guarantee their relevance and results for the validation of your products or knowledge of the skin.
- From the controlled implementation of new measurement and evaluation technologies, to the analysis (photography in particular, Echography, Confocal Microscopy...etc) of the data and their interpretation in terms of product effect, Jean Christophe Pittet, manager, PhD in Life Sciences and Health, as well as its entire team, will provide you with recognized expertise.

"Our ethic is to serve our customers so that their satisfaction is ours"